Puzzle / Mini Games

Long time no see

You guys thought I was never going to show up again? Some time ago, I received an email asking if that was me in the end of The Scarlet Room 2. No, I’m not that guy who **** (no spoilers!).

People asked about a lot of things and I will answer some right now.

I told new games would be released soon (more than a year ago /o\) and it never happened! I have some unfinished games that I had never finished because just after the release of the Real Bishop Puzzle, I got a full time job and never had time to finish it!

Now, in 2011, Gasakism will reborn and new games will show up. Last year I learned a lot of new things like some PHP frameworks, Flex, Facebook Apps, HTML5, CSS3 and improved a lot my skills in Flash AS3. At the moment I’m learning iOS development.

So, is The Scarlet Room series over? Nope, but it will take a while to be released. Right now, I’m developing other kind of applications. In my company I’ve developed some games for Facebook, but for my country only. Hopefully I will be back to the Gasakism games soon!