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Pega Pixel

04.29.11 by Gasaki at GASAKISM > News

Pega Pixel Converse Imaginarium

Pega Pixel is a facebook advergame I made to promote the a new product line of a Brazilian retail store called Imaginarium. The design of the products is based in pixels, so that is the theme of the game.

The game is pretty simple, you have to help the girl to collect the falling pixels.

During some weeks the top ranked players earned some prizes from Imaginarium. Now the campaign is over, but the game is still available.

Take a look at Pega Pixel.


Long time no see

01.16.11 by Gasaki at GASAKISM > Misc

You guys thought I was never going to show up again? Some time ago, I received an email asking if that was me in the end of The Scarlet Room 2. No, I’m not that guy who **** (no spoilers!).

People asked about a lot of things and I will answer some right now.

I told new games would be released soon (more than a year ago /o\) and it never happened! I have some unfinished games that I had never finished because just after the release of the Real Bishop Puzzle, I got a full time job and never had time to finish it!

Now, in 2011, Gasakism will reborn and new games will show up. Last year I learned a lot of new things like some PHP frameworks, Flex, Facebook Apps, HTML5, CSS3 and improved a lot my skills in Flash AS3. At the moment I’m learning iOS development.

So, is The Scarlet Room series over? Nope, but it will take a while to be released. Right now, I’m developing other kind of applications. In my company I’ve developed some games for Facebook, but for my country only. Hopefully I will be back to the Gasakism games soon!


Real Bishop Puzzle

10.15.09 by Gasaki at Games > Mini Games

Play Real Bishop Puzzle gameReal Bishop Puzzle appears to be a simple puzzle game. You have a compact 5x4 chess board with four white bishops placed in the top line and four red bishops in the bottom line. Bishops only move diagonally and you cannot place them on a square where can be captured. Respecting this, your objective is to switch the positions of red and white bishops.

This game is based in one of most difficult puzzles of the game The 7th Guest, released in the early 90’s for PC.


New system, new puzzle game

10.01.09 by Gasaki at GASAKISM > News

gasakism the scarlet room 2 room escape game scientist on pc

At least, GASAKISM’s upgrade process is over! Whatever, who cares? It’s just to say that now there is nothing between us and the game development!

Next week a new puzzle game will be available! And another puzzle game a few days later! And a bigger game until the end of the year.

Oh yeah baby, we're gonna have fun!

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Have you escaped from The Scarlet Room 2 without using a walkthrough?


You Lose!

07.24.09 by Gasaki at GASAKISM > News

Reviewing Flash games was a great experience but it takes a lot of time and a choice had to be taken. So, now GASAKISM will have 100% self made content again, like some months ago, and it has a new format.

You Lose - free fun flash puzzle gameThe "games" site will host our games and this will be the main site. We put the blog content here, but still don't know if are closing the blog, maybe it will have some other kind of fun stuff. You should notice that later.

A lot of new content is coming, just wait. To show you what we are talking about, there is a minigame, it is called "You Lose!". It’s a tic-tac-toe game and you play against our friend from the space. Just click "NEW" to start playing right here, online, no new window will be opened. Hmm, the name of the game means something... Have fun!


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