Puzzle / Mini Games

Escape Games Tips

    Here are some tips for beginners. These are tips for room escape games in general, not only The Scarlet Room:

  • Imagine yourself inside the room, analyze the objects behaviors an try to manipulate them in realistic form, sometimes to open a door, you have to click on its handle to open, not in the door itself;
  • These games are called point and click, so click all over the place! Some objects are only activated if you hit a specific spot;
  • Usually the items in the inventory can only be used once, however, if it is still selectable after you use it, it's probable that you will need it again;
  • Always suspect of an object that has a different behavior from the others, generally they hide some secret;
  • Inventory items can be mixed;
  • Pay special attention to all numbers found, like the time in a watch or the number of a book page, it could be the code that you are looking for;
  • Finding a diary will probably give you useful information;
  • The number sequence you are searching, could be a word changing its characters for numbers, like a telephone keyboard;
  • Many times, symbols are used as passwords and you have to solve puzzles to find the number that represents the symbol.
  • Besides these tips, here is a suggestion: try not to ask for help or read walkthru for the flash game. The main objective of escape games is to try to solve the puzzle. If you only want to see the animations, you should watch online videos, not play a flash game.