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The Scarlet Room - Episode II - Escapers List

This is The Scarlet Room - Episode II escapers list and their comments about the game. If you escape, can leave a comment too. But, beat this room escape game isn't an easy task.

Name Location Comment Date
kudos2 10 yrs 05/21/2018
Gregory Smith great game! 07/07/2017
Alex Yay! I came back to this game because I loved it in high school. Still just as difficult and fun. :-) 04/07/2017
Ned Is this really the ending? 01/26/2017
bithces aint shit but hoes and tricks 08/18/2016
Pim Awesome game! finally solved it. 03/31/2016
what apoor man 07/18/2014
Martin George Suceava, Romania Very @"%$*&^ challenging 06/18/2014
Farah Unknown Wait wait so the person in the last game passing the stuff down through the door was me? wait wth omg whatttt 10/28/2013
Joris R Netherlands Wauw very strong n smart game! Liked it very much! 09/15/2013
Malik I am $%%^&%^&*$#@%^ 07/28/2013
John Finaly, looking forward to solving the other rooms! 05/24/2013
yoness paris wonderful game, took me 3 hours to solve it without any help, hope there will be a scarlet room 3 05/11/2013
Peterson votorantim-sp O joguinho impossivel ^^ 04/13/2013
Leandro Sanches Votorantim/SP Daora, muito impossível, mas consegui 04/12/2013
Kimia Canada, BC Did anyone notice that the reason that the doornob fell off was because in the first game you used the stylus pen to do that? In the first game you were the guy that got hit with a wrench and in 2 you were this person 03/10/2013
j sos jkhjhb 09/01/2012
Desto Belgium 3 hours of excruciating fun, but I got there. Btw, I love you Joey ;P 08/29/2012
ItsMe Bad End 07/19/2012
eu idiot! 07/18/2012
Filipa Portugal Yey 07/13/2012
Paulinho Portugal Over and over again :D awesome game 07/12/2012
weezy man dat was hardddddd 07/08/2012
Maiara Indaiatuba-SP Finalmente =) o/ 06/20/2012
SST Russia Scarlet Room 3? 05/15/2012
Keelyn KENTUCKY FINALLY 05/13/2012
shit fuck. 04/22/2012
a a a 04/10/2012
Scarlet Scarlet Room Oh no! you escaped from me! FINISHED LIKE A BOSS -_- 04/09/2012

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