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The Scarlet Room - Escapers List

This is The Scarlet Room escapers list and their comments about the game. If you escape, can leave a comment too. But, beat this room escape game isn't an easy task.

Name Location Comment Date
Magilla 05/04/2017
kx wwwww 04/29/2017
Haley Phillips Cool! 04/17/2017
JoshuaV Just love it! 04/10/2017
Sorakazuto PRETTY GOOD!!!! 04/09/2017
Ned Whew 01/26/2017
Die Pros yes 01/16/2017
Doomguy kappa 09/18/2016
Katie 08/08/2016
Katie 08/08/2016
bsam4d 07/01/2016
kayley-claire hard as poop 06/29/2016
linc 02/04/2016
Reindeer Whisperer Hyvä huane! Ens kerralla lisää kaljaa! 10/27/2015
Sean AACA Dis was awesome! 06/06/2015
Calil S.G PR Tinha certas dificuldades mas eu ja sakei todas :v 03/22/2015
Edward UK awesome thanks! 11/15/2014
Marieke 11/06/2014
Carlos Henrique São Paulo/Brasil Mto loco! ganhei da minha amiga no raxa de que sairia primeiro! 10/19/2014
Arktus 10/09/2014
robert willian king breu branco pará foi dificil mais eu cinsegui 07/27/2014
kevin en leska rijen ^^ 07/08/2014
Martin George Suceava, Romania Easy, but challenging 06/18/2014
Rob USA Great game, I really liked the old-school "minimalist" style and the focus on the puzzles. 06/13/2014
Der Schröder Third Reich Great game, played in back in 2008, it was great to replay it! 05/21/2014
Marc usa hell yea!!!!! 04/29/2014
boss dedalus caloocan, philippines 04/28/2014
Rachel USA 03/17/2014
Kaili Atlanta Really fun :) 01/30/2014
Rachel Finally. Its so hard! 01/24/2014

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